My MPACS Research Colloquium Presentation on Islamic State's Foreign Recruiting via Social Media [VIDEO]

Location: Waterloo, ON Waterloo, ON, Canada

The concluding milestone of my Master of Peace and Conflict Studies (MAPCS) Degree is giving a colloquium presentation of the research I did during my time in the program. Basically, I had to address: "What have you done with your time here, why did you study that, and defend your choices against critique."

My research has focused on the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL/DAESH) and the relevant security implications associated with their theology, their recruiting efforts, and the soft-power attempts to 'destroy or degrade' IS.

I was able to record my initial presentation. I was unable to record the critique response due to privacy concerns by participants - which is out of my control. However, I passed this milestone with full possible points!

Full Paper on Islamic State Recruiting: (HTML) (PDF)

Bonus Video:

Comparative Analysis of Occupy Wall Street and Marxist Philosophy

In my Master of Peace and Conflict Studies (MAPCS) Course, PACS 601, I, along with my group partner, Tyler Cox, gave a presentation on the application of Marxist philosophy in the context of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

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